Fundraising with Khutsala

Are you looking for a great way to makes hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your school club, mission team, or sports team?  Let Khutsala Artisans help you with all your fundraising needs!  Through the sale of keychains and Christmas ornaments made by our Khutsala Artisans we can help you meet your fundraising goals AND you will be enabling Heart for Africa to provide valuable employment to local artisans in eSwatini (formerly Swaziland) who can then support their families.  100% of the profits from the sale of Khutsala goods also goes to support the children of Project Canaan.  This is fundraising with a greater purpose!  

How does it work?  Your group buys our keychains/ornaments at wholesale cost.  You decide the amount you will charge for the items you choose to sell.  Your group gets the profit!  We have many styles of keychains and ornaments to choose from!  For more information about Fundraising with Khutsala Artisans contact Mandy Wallick at  

To see all of our available keychains click here:  KEYCHAINS

To see all of our available Christmas ornaments click here:  ORNAMENTS